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    A Pandemic in Education
    by Donna B. Askew

    In the year 2020, nothing is certain. The COVID-19 pandemic has overtaken the normalcy of life and caused the world to create new digital space with which to live and exist. No one has experienced this loss of daily routine more profoundly than our nation's youth.
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      Donna B. Askew
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    What You Will Get From This Book

    In this survival manual for parents and community members, Donna Askew has detailed helpful insights compiled from her years of experience in early childhood education. She details:

    How to stay supportive and engaged throughout your child's educational career

    Tips for distance learning

    Examples of behavior modeling to support your child's growth and development
     Donna Askew takes us onto the frontlines of public education and offers us an honest first hand account of what's happening in some of America's classrooms, the challenges students face and what it takes to support our schools, our teachers and our students, during the current crisis. She uses her 25 years of classroom expertise to provide an authentic and accessible A to Z step by step set of practical guidelines, along with solutions of what it takes for our children to be resilient and successful students ready to succeed in life. This is a caring and challenging wake up call and a timely and urgent call to action for parents, policy makers, teachers, administrators, the public and all of us who care about the future of our children and public education. Thank you!  

    - Robert L. Dortch, Jr.

     This book is a must read for parents and caretakers of school age children. Very insightful read that covers from A to Z for the positive ways to help your child succeed as they progress from kindergarden to senior high. I found the book to be "straight to the point" which I really appreciated. This is especially a must read for new parents, it gives them insight of the classroom from the teachers perpective. Teachers/Educator's are truly America's greatest resources. Thank You, I really enjoyed your book.  

    - David Linn

     This is such a good handbook for anyone with school aged children. The information is practical and presented in an easy to read format. Donna gives her professional guidance to ensure both child and parent have a successful and enjoyable educational experience. The humor is an extra bonus . I have 3 grandchildren and their parents will receive a copy of this book!  

    - L. Smith

     Great read for any parent with school age children!! Donna's book provides information and advice that will help children become successful and build a strong foundation for life, especially in a year as important as kindergarten. Her True Story section is so relevant to what is happening in schools today. She is on point when she writes about needing a village!! Donna managed to make this an easy read while providing a ton of relevant information.  

    - K.T.

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    Inside The Book

    1. Prior to Kindergarten
    2. Parental involvement and accountability
    3. Attendance
    4. Communication
    5. Show up!
    6. Exposure/Responsibility
    7. Positivity
    8. Behavior
    9. Don't jump to conclusions
    10. Honesty
    11. Handling conflicts
    12. Health and Nutrition
    13. Schools/Testing
    14. The Coronavirus pandemic/online learning
    15. Middle School/Junior High
    16. High School Parents and Students
    17. Extra tidbits
    18. The Village
    19. Funny stories!!

    Who This Book Is For

     A child is a child of everyone.  

    ~ Sudanese Proverb

    While everyone is aware of this coronavirus pandemic, often forgotten is the pandemic in education. This book will enlighten and empower you. Whether schools return to a face to face experience or continue with virtual learning, it is time to hit the reset button! We need the entire village involved. Everyone who has a child or knows a child needs this book!


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     It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.  

    ~ Frederick Douglass

    Meet The Author

    Donna B. Askew is a licensed educator who has been shaping young minds for over 25 years. She has positively impacted the lives of over 500 children. Ms. Askew has taught in several school systems including the school systems of Newport News, Chesterfield, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA. She has also taught in the Erie City School district in Erie, Pennsylvania. During the 2020-2021 school year, Ms. Askew will begin working as a reading interventionist with Hampton City Schools.

    Ms. Askew has a heart for children and is passionate about ensuring that all of her students receive a quality education. She has a strong desire for each child to become successful beyond their current circumstances. Teaching children to read and building strong foundations at an early age is what she does best. In addition to teaching, Ms. Askew is also a respite care provider for military families.

    Her pride and joy is her amazing son Dezmen. He is a college junior who is majoring in computer science. She also loves her dog named Rosco. Attending comedy shows, dancing, bowling and walking on the beach are a few of her favorite past times.

    Her faith in God is strong and she is grateful to be a 10 year breast cancer survivor.

    Ms. Askew is a Diamond Life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is now an author!


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     I have had the pleasure of working alongside Donna Askew for more than a decade as a classroom teacher. She adheres to the belief that in order to engage and teach children, they need to know that the teacher really cares about them. Donna also knows that the relationship between home and school is just as important. Families need to know that the teacher has their child's best interest at heart. Donna builds strong relationships with the parents of her students. Therefore, they know they can trust her recommendations. During her career, she has often voiced her concerns and offered solutions about situations that were impacting the students of our school.
    Donna has also shared her professional expertise and philosophy with beginning teachers who have been assigned to her for mentorship. Donna's belief that all children can learn and be successful, if given the opportunity, is evident in all she does in her classroom and her community.  

    Kimberly Hudson | Grade Level Chairperson
     I have had the pleasure of working with Donna Askew as her teacher assistant and have seen first hand the dedication and love she has for teaching. Donna exhibits compassion for every student and treats each one with love and patience. She is a master at setting reachable expectations while guiding and helping each child in her classroom rise above what is expected. She sets boundaries for her class at the beginning of each year and holds each child accountable for their actions. She reminds her students regularly that the same rules apply from the first day of school to the last day of school and beyond.
    She does a superb job of teaching appropriate behaviors in ways that young children can relate to and understand. And it shows, Donna can't walk down the hallway, through the cafeteria, be on the playground or bus ramp without former students running up to give her a hug, saying hello or waving, every single day. Donna also works diligently at communicating with every parent throughout the year. Regardless of how difficult or easy it is to reach a parent, she continually strives to keep in touch and never gives up. She does an amazing job of providing materials, expertise, and support to ensure her parents have what they need to continue the education process at home. It is truly an amazing opportunity for a child to be in her classroom. 

    Kristen Timko | Former Teacher Assistant
     Mrs. Askew was my son's 1st grade teacher about 10 years ago. I had a set day that I came in to volunteer my time as well as any other time she needed. Because of that, I got to know her personally as well as really get to see her teaching style and interaction with the kids. She's patient and a very thorough teacher. My husband and I are very fond of Mrs. Askew. She was very much loved by our son and because of this, I came back to volunteer in her classroom when she asked. Even after my son had moved up in grades. I only stopped because we moved out of state.
    Valerie Callow | Parent

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